Lighting Services, Bucket Truck Needed For Industrial Fixtures Aurora CO.Bellino Electric Services provides solutions for all types of lighting needs while maximizing performance and minimizing both energy consumption and maintenance cost.  Lighting can account for 50% of your monthly electric bill.  Your lighting can increase your air conditioning cost by as much as 20%.  In this day and age of escalating fuel cost and energy prices it is important to look at ways to be more energy efficient in your day to day lives.  There are many ways to make your business or home a green business or home and reduce your energy consumption.  Proper energy management is everyone’s responsibility.

Lighting retrofits are one of the most common and effective conservation measures available. Replacing T12 lamps, metal halide, high pressure sodium, magnetic ballasts and high intensity discharge (HIDS) fixtures with newer technology lighting systems along with government and utility incentives have produced unheard of returns and energy savings.  As an added benefit, the newer lighting systems provide a better quality of light, are quieter and last longer, putting money back into your pocket each month.


Lighting Services, Bucket Truck Needed For Industrial Fixtures Aurora CO.Functional lighting is important to business. If your business has: parking lot, other outside or interior lighting, you may not be sure if all you lights are working properly. A scheduled maintenance lighting program is essential for maintaining security and keeping your customer’s safe.  A poorly lit interior or exterior can affect your business. Our experience with facility management gives us the expertise to reduce overall cost without sacrificing safety or quality.

Property Managers • Car Dealerships • Office Buildings • Retail & Restaurants • Industrial Complexes • Home Owners Associations • Facilities Managers

While you’re sleeping, our “Night Owl” team will periodically check your parking lot and other exterior lighting to make sure that all your lights are coming on as intended and working properly.

We charge fixed prices for lamp and ballast replacements, saving you money. For other lighting issues, we offer extremely competitive pricing.  We own our bucket truck (for reaching the tops of light poles) and do this type of work in high volume.

Our electricians specialize in parking lot, exterior and interior electrical and lighting maintenance.

  •  Light pole repair (up to 30′ heights)

  • Inspection & replacement of lamps

  • Ballast replacement & repair

  • Time Clock adjustments, programming & repair

  • Sign Lighting and Maintenance

  • Fixture/Lens replacement & repair

  • 24/7 Emergency electrical service

  • Contractor electrical services

  • Design lighting and electrical systems

  • Commercial new build electrical

  • Commercial electrical repair

  • Trouble shooting

  • Banner installation

If you already know that your exterior lighting is in need of maintenance or repairs, give us a call for a highly competitive quote. If you’re wondering if your lighting is working 100% at night, ask us to check it for you with our free Night Owl service.